Alice's Cottage

Original title: アリスの館

Age Rating: 18+


A small compilation of early AliceSoft material, including commented user feedback, a quizz game focusing on the pre-1990 games by the publisher, a CG gallery, a small VN called "Sentimental Journey" and finally a small ADV featuring Alice herself.

This is basically a prototype for the future fandiscs made by the publisher (...and many others!). While actual content is pretty scarce, it's still a refreshing dive in the bishoujo subculture history, and has a lot of charm. The plan is to translate the rest of these compilations from the PC-98 era as they grow more and more interesting with each new sequel.

At the time we began working on this one, we already had a very mature toolset at our disposal, so Alpharobo ported his ASCII hack and bugfixed everything in a very fast time. The script itself was short but included a lot of puns and cultural references that were quite hard to render in English, especially in the quiz section. A bit of adaptation was necessary.

You can download the patch on GBATemp.

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