Amy's Fantasies

Original title: エイミーと呼ばないでっ

Age Rating: 18+


Patch Release: December 2022

Current Version: 1.0

Amy's Fantasies is an oddball, even in the bizarre 90's eroge galaxy. It's a pure hentai VN made by Hiroyuki Kanno between his two classics "Xenon" and "Eve: Burst Error". While Kanno had cinematic ambitions and wanted to do ambitious stories, his publisher at the time, C'S Ware, pressured him to put more porn into his games so they could be marketable. They requested him to do a pure porn game, so he did... this. A completely whacky and off-rails game with some pretty extreme content. Something basically unmarketable. Of course, it became a cult classic just because of its sheer insanity.

This project is the last I did in 2022. It's merely a script port of the (mediocre) Windows version that was released by Himeya in the mid-90's. Don't expect some good writing there, that's not where the game's most remarkable aspects are. Nevertheless, it's still funny as long as you enjoy people endlessly discussing about hemorroids or the importance of triming your pubes between two extreme sex scenes. I honestly didn't felt it was necessary to retranslate the game. Well, except a few lines mostly related to saving and loading, and a good chunk of the omake content Himeya either didn't bother with and/or mangled beyond recognition. My actual input is around 6-7% of the total english text.

Why play this over the Windows version ? First, music is working. Second, the original assets and the font used are prettier. Third, you can play it on real hardware !

To reinsert the script, I used some powerful tools made originally by esperknight and siriusxiv to translate Xenon (dunno if the project is still active). These tools were refined and made public by tamamoball and allowed me to decompress, edit and recompress the game files without any trouble. Kirinn B once again gave me some insights and easy to use tools to decompress and recompress the graphics, so I ended up editing a lot of them (the localized versions were for the most part incomplete, with consistency errors and also some ugly, blurry text). While I was at it, I converted the uncensored CG and inserted them back. Finally, Alpharobo saved the day by fixing a nasty pointer bug near the beginning of the game.

You can download the patch on GBATemp.

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