Original title: 魂の門 ダンテ「神曲」より

Original release date: 1994

Age Rating: all ages

Koei Wiki Link

Patch Release: June 2021 (PC-98), October 2022 (FM Towns)

Current version: 1.0

This game is pretty unique. It's sort of a metroidvania set into Dante's Divine Comedy Inferno, but it focuses more on puzzle solving than on pure action. The controls are a bit slippery, but the graphics and atmosphere are out of this world.

This patch translates all the menus/items/location names, but leaves the dialogue in Japanese. I wrote a full walkthrough for non-japanese speaking players in order to help them complete the game without too much trial and error.

I could not go very much farther than the menus because all text is compressed and I'm totally ASM-illeterate, but who knows... maybe I'll return to it one day.

You can download the patch on RDHN.

I recently ported it to the FM Towns version of the game. It has no other real differences than a kickass CD soundtrack, so be sure to check it out. You can download this version on GBATemp.

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