Original release date: 1989

Age Rating: 18+


Patch Release: 10/04/23

Current version: 1.1

This early AliceSoft game is nothing stellar. Just a collection of three short erotic ADV games you're supposed to play on some kind of virtual VR headset. They range from the vaguely unsettling to the completely fucked up depending of the scenario and the choices you make.

Work on D.P.S. was the first step of a bigger AliceSoft porting project. It relies on the existing work of ryu1, who ported all the old N-BASIC AliceSoft games to MS-DOS in the 90's, and RottenBlock, who patiently deciphered the System engine and wrote some great tools to work on them. Alpharobo masterfully hacked the engine to allow the use of latin characters, and we were then set on what could be the most abitious porting project since Yu-No: bringing all the available English-translated AliceSoft games back to PC-98!

I planned to just convert the existing english script of the Windows port/translation of DPS released in 2020, but it was... not really good. So it went through a massive edit. I re-added all the missing animations, corrected the most blatant mistakes, and re-worked the phrasing to make it sound more natural. Not to mention the spacing and line breaks, untranslated onomatopeia, etc. Then Alpharobo had to re-insert some data that wasn't carried away by the toolset, such as the opening for instance.

Keep in mind this is not even close to our usual quality standards. But I REALLY didn't want to translate that cringefest from scratch, having suffered enough with Shangrlia 2's H-scenes. Take it or leave it...

Fortunately, the other existing AliceSoft scripts are way better.

You can download the patch on GBATemp.

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