Original release date: 1990

Age Rating: 18+


Patch Release: February 2022

Current Version: 1.0

Foxy is an old strategy game reminiscent of Famicom Wars, but with added hentai scenes between maps. It's one of these games that was ported straight from PC-88 to PC-98, with a very limited engine.

It was my first real translation project, and the first time I translated a full script from scratch. The length of the script was ideal for a first project, and the vocabulary wasn't really difficult either. I had to heavily rely on Jisho beause of the large number of words written in kana-only, but it was not that bad.

On the other side, the engine was a big pain in the ass to deal with. Data overflows were frequent, and splitting scripts by trial-and-error actually took me longer than translating the text. At a point, I had to restart this chore from the beginning because I had to add some instructions to play the animations, and it messed with file sizes.

The AI1 engine experience I earnt with this project helped me for Run Run Concerto, and even allowed me to give a small hand to Butch for his upcoming Dragon Knight 1 retranslation. Look foward for other projects aiming at games of this era, now that I know how to handle them :)

You can download the patch on the Internet Archive or GBATemp.

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