(Runaway City, Season of the Sakura, Three Sisters Story)

Original titles: 迷走都市, さくらの季節, 三姉妹

Original release date: 1995/96

Age Rating: 18+

VNDB Links : 1, 2, 3

Patch Release: November 2022

Current version: 1.0

These three games were among the few localized eroge in the 90's. They had an MS-DOS release and were later sold as a Win 95 bundle, with a new CD-rom soundtrack. Nowadays they're playable online on JAST USA's site. But until then, there was no way to play the original PC-98 version of these games with the english script.

The data file format is the same between the DOS and the PC-98 native version. The executable had to be hacked by Alpharobo to allow it to display punctuation marks. The image format was mostly compatible, but some localized pictures from the DOS versions (title cards, character bios, title screens) were not accepted by the PC-98 version and made the game crash. Kirinn B found a way to fix them by writing a great conversion tool.

As for my part, I manually edited the menus, changed some hardcoded strings, and made a shiny new title screen for Seasons of Sakura before compiling everything for release.

The latest update finally translate the intro for Three Sisters Story and adds uncensored CG for Runaway City.

Kirinn B's graphical converter tool for these three games (and many others!) is downloadable here.

You can download the patch bundle on GBATemp.

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