Original title: 聖少女戦隊レイカーズ

Original release date: 1993

Age Rating: 18+


Patch Release: May 2022

Current version: 1.1

Before working on a full-scale translation of Lakers, I already had done menu patches for the whole trilogy. They were rather crude, and the lack of space coupled with my inexperience as a translator resulted in some unvoluntary hilarious stuff (like the "don't" option among some explicit sex choices in the H-scenes, which met some kind of success as a meme). Nevertheless, they did the job for the casual player. I remember having to ask for help on the RHDN Discord server to figure out some broken german written in katakana (Nasune's equipment and techniques) and ending up with a pretty satisfactory result. Danke schön again to everyone who helped on this one!

The full translation of the first game in the series happened a year later. It was made possible by the talents of Kirinn B, who decoded the graphic format, and Alpharobo, who figured out the script system and wrote some very nice tools to edit them. I actually had a lot less trouble translating the game than Foxy, maybe because it's a pretty easy script to understand, apart for a few cultural references I had to look up.

Anata from the emu-france Discord server provided me with a kickass title screen graphic. LowDefAI fully proofred the game with great dedication. The final english script also includes some contributions by shiningforceforever and speedynoelle ; they were more modest but still very much appreciated.

Alpharobo documented the engine hacking on his website for both games of the series.

Kirinn B also documented the image format on his github.

You can download the patch on the Internet Archive or GBATemp. The menu-only version was once on RHDN, but their non-adult game policy made me remove it from their database.

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