Original title: 聖少女戦隊レイカーズ II

Original release date: 1994

Age Rating: 18+


Patch Release: November 2022

Current version: 1.1

After finishing Lakers 1, I messed a bit with Dragon Knight III but became quickly bored, so I returned to the Lakers series with its best entry, that also happens to be one of my personal PC-98 favorites.

This project was on a much bigger scale than the original Lakers. The game is twice as long and has a very over-the-top, self parodic style that can be a bit difficult to convey when translated. The same team that worked on the first game was there: Kirinn B decoded the graphics and the animation format, Anata drew a fantasic new english logo and Alpharobo not only decoded the game's script format but also fixed a mistake in the original code, allowing players to experience the second half of chapter 7 for the first time since the game was dumped (and possibly for the first time ever!). Finally, LowDefAI patiently played through the whole thing to correct my grammar mistakes and typos.

I'm really proud on what we accomplished together. I hope everyone playing it will enjoy it as much as we did doing it!

Alpharobo documented the engine hacking on his website for both games of the series.

Kirinn B also documented the image format on his github.

You can download the patch on the Internet Archive or GBATemp. The menu-only version was once on RHDN, but their non-adult game policy made me remove it from their database.

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