Original title: 聖少女戦隊レイカーズ III

Original release date: 1996

Age Rating: 18+


Expected release: second half of 2024

I'm not really fond of the third Lakers entry, that is both a pretty mediocre date sim and a very barebones t-rpg, but hell... Why don't finish the trilogy? And after all, this game has great dithered art, excellent spritework and an awesome soundtrack. And the most absurd H-scenes of the trilogy, too (heh heh)

After translating 5 game scripts and porting 4 other ones, I decided to take 2023 easy, so this project will be some kind of slow burn. There is a lot of work to do on the graphical side, and the engine will need a lot of tweaks (dialogue box size adjustment, engine bugs that need fixing). Plus the script is pretty huge.

At the moment, Alpharobo works on the engine, and I'm doing some preliminary script work. Kirinn B will join the party at a point. Rejoice, Natsune fans... it's happening!

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