Jewel Bem Hunter Lime

Original title: 宝魔ハンターライム

Age Rating: PG-12 (lots of fanservice)


Patch Release: August 2023

Current version: 1.1

A collection of 12 short ADV games by Silence, revolving around two demons on the quest to retrieve six magical jewels before it's too late for humanity.

Unlike the future Sogna games that are totally porn-focused, Lime is focused on comedy. The artstyle is great and the animations are incredible. Each episode can be completed in 15-20 minutes, so it's the kind of project that can be broke down to small tasks easily.

I was basically playing it to mine vocabulary, and it seemed logicial to put this language work to benefit for other players after all. In the end, it took almost eight months to get it done.

Alpharobo handled the hacking part once again, and made a terrific job considering all the engine variations from one episode to the other.

Kirinn B masterfully cracked the graphics format, and that will allow possible future projects on other Silence/SGS games.

You can download the patch on GBATemp.

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