Exciting Milk

Original title: エキサイティングみるく

Age Rating: All ages


Patch Release: 08/29/23

Current version: 1.0

A companion project to "Lime" (same engine, same graphics format). Unlike the previous one, this series of short VNs is very short, being constitued of two mere episodes, for a total playtime barely reaching 20 minutes. Nevertheless, it may have the best animated sequences you'll ever see on PC-98. Too bad it was canceled so quickly, it certainly had some potential.

This time, you follow a time cop from the future, Milk, and an introverted high school girl named Kurumi, who are forced to share the same body by a strange turn of events. They must stop an eco-terrorist named Amon, who creates monsters from plants.

Thanks to the hard work Alpharobo and Kirinn B made on the SGS script and graphic tools all along the "Lime" project, everything went pretty smoothly and the whole thing was completed in three weeks, including an in-depth proofreading by LowDefAl.

You can download the patch on GBATemp.

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