Night Slave

Original title: ナイト・スレイブ

Original release date: 1996

Age Rating: 18+


Patch Release: 02/12/24

Current version: 1.0

Cult classic among cult classics, Night Slave is one of the finest action games for PC-98, heavily influenced by the Assault Suit series. It has an banging FM soundtrack, cool as fuck mech design, a surprisingly decent plot, and of course some lesbian hentai scenes (though they're pretty scarse, all things considered). A partial translation was released by Retronomicon back in the days, but it was a straight out disaster. Except for the script of dubvious quality, it also used a horrible hack to display text that not only made the game unplayable on original hardware, but also garbled the untranslated lines that were scattered here and there. Plus, graphics weren't translated either.

Thanks to the hard work of ValleyBell and Kirinn B, we now have decrypted executables, tools to edit the scripts and repack data, native ASCII text support, and graphics decoder/reencoder. That allowed us to finally give this great game justice!

You can download the patch on GBATemp.

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