Rance: Quest for Hikari

Original title: ランス -光をもとめて-

Age Rating: 18+


Patch Release: 10/28/23

Let's politely say that the Rance series is... pretty divisive. Eroge detractors will find everything they hate in this game, and even the casual eroge fan might be uncomfortable with Rance's... very personal take on consent. Nevertheless, it's one of the longest-running eroge series, sporting 24 years of RPGs, ADV and T-RPGs, sometimes of incredible depth and quality. As for this first game, it already has the trademark tongue-in-cheek humor, but lacks some polishing. It's basically a ADV/RPG hybrid that can be completed in a couple hours, with pretty crude graphics - especially the monsters. But every series has to start somewhere, right?

The script used is the HGTP Translations script from 2010. It was converted to the System 1.0 format from the System 3.5 one, which required quite a lot of work in adapting it. As always, Alpharobo did an awesome job to make everything as polished as possible. We plan on doing the second game in the series in the coming months, so stay tuned!

You can download the patch on GBATemp.

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