Rance II: The Rebellious Maidens

Original title: ランスII -反逆の少女たち-

Original release date: 1990

Age Rating: 18+


Patch Release: 01/01/24

Current version: 1.1

The second game in the series is a huge improvement over the first one. From the production values to the writing, everything is ages ahead. It's probably the first AliceSoft game to have such high quality standards, and it's no wonder it still is a cult classic nowadays. Of course, you could play the remake, but the original still holds up pretty well. It's probably a better starting point if you want to get into Rance, so you can understand why this series is such well-regarded despite all the controversy surrounding it.

The translated script is also by HGTP Translations (I will NOT use the official one even if it's better written, because it's still under commercial exploitation). It was originally done for the remake, then backported by velt211 to the Windows System 3.5 version. Alpharobo and I backported it again, this time for the original System 1.0 version. Some additional hacking and a few edits were involved, but the process went pretty smoothly in the end.

You can download the patch on GBATemp.

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