Run Run Concerto

Original title: RUN・RUN 狂走曲

Original release date: 1989

Age Rating: 18+


Patch Release: February 2022

Current Version: 1.5

Run Run Concerto is one of the few arcade games published by Elf, along with one of the only eroge playable in simulataneous two-player mode. It's a sort of primitive Dashing Desperadoes, with (of course) hentai scenes between races, and a bit of resource management involved. It's also a pretty goofy and dumb little game, that doesn't take itself seriously the slightest.

It was a very fast project done in a few days between Foxy and Lakers. The game script is very short, most of the work was to make the text fit in the small space available. The runners' names are abreviated because the game uses a weird system to store and display names that would be pretty difficult to crack.

Once again, I used the excellent juice tool by tomyun to edit the game's text. Kirinn B provided me the tools to decrypt/reencrypt the image format and so I drew a crude, but accurate to the original, title logo. I might use these graphical tools for some future Elf/Fairytale related projects, we'll see...

You can donwload the patch on the Internet Archive or GBATemp.

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