Original title: この世の果てで恋を唄う少女YU-NO

Original release date: 1996

Age Rating: 18+


Patch Release: December 2021

Current version: 1.04

My first full translation project was merely a script port for TLWiki's Windows version translation. But at the same time, even with the full script in text file format on my hard drive and some very powerful tools provided to insert them, it was no small task. The differences in the engines, technical limitations on the memory side, and the difficulty to test everything (it is a MASSIVE game text-wise...) kept me going for six entire months (not counting the further revisions).

TLWiki's translation was based on the Saturn version, with additional scenes and script revisions. I returned to the original PC-98 ones when they were available in the original translation's comment (very well documented but partially missing from the Internet, unfortunately). There were also a couple lines re-translated from scratch (the PC-98 versions were not available), but they're just a small drop in the ocean.

tomyun provided me awesome tools for script extracting/recompiling, along with a great deal of technical help. After learning how to use them and how to deal with some engine limitations, I could begin some new projects of my own, and even give a little hand on a couple others.

shiningforceforever dealt with the massive task of proofreading the entire game, and they did it with incredible patience and dedication.

The patch mainly will be of use to real hardware users, android np2kai users, and those who struggle making the Windows version work on modern PCs (and those who, like myself, hate these goddamn black borders around the image in the Win version).

You can download it on the Internet Archive or GBATemp.

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