My translation projects

I'm no professional translator. I have a decent reading/writing english level (I'm not a native English speaker) and a somehow N4-ish Japanese reading level. Nothing to brag about, but translating stuff with the help of a good japanese dictionnary is actually a good learning exercise to me. If you can live with the derps I make (should it be mediocre english grammar or general japanese mistakes) maybe you'll find some enjoyement in playing some of my stuff :)

I also do some script ports, using existing scripts for other platforms, official or fan-translated, and injecting them back into the PC-98 versions. It's mostly tageted at real hardware users, but emulator enthushiasts can enjoy them too. Be warned that except in a very few rare cases (such as blatant mistranslations or text exclusive to the PC-98 version), I don't touch the existing scripts. Yes, even if they happen to be MTL. You have all details included here, so it's up to you if you want to play them or not.

Usual content warning: most of these games are forbidden for players under age 18. I don't include any screenshot of the adult scenes on this website for it to remain SFW, but age rating for each game will be mentioned there so you'll be warned before playing any of the games.




Guynarock 2 (project by Alpharobo, I assisted him on the translation side)

Holy Girl Force Lakers 3 (Menu patch, full translation planned)

Tamashii no Mon: Dante no Shinkyoku yori (Menu patch, PC-98 and FM Towns versions)

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